Why Doctor Strange from Marvel universe is my favorite character?

So I never thought that one day I will write about this too! Whatever I am going to rant about will either become a film review or a character sketch but as I am really fascinated with how the whole character and the story is designed that I really couldn’t stop myself from writing this blog dedicated to only Dr.Strange. (little bit of spoilers ahead)

The film started with a brutal car accident of Doctor Stephen Strange played by one of my favourite actors of all time Benedict Cumberbatch. The car crash caused severe nerve damage to his hands because of which he lost the ability to use his hands and it impacted his life as a surgeon. His egotistical behaviour made him desperate to find a cure for his hands to work perfectly which eventually made him end up in Nepal under a Tibetan monk . The real story and a plethora of self-realization and self-reflection begins from here.

Initially Doctor Strange was so much drowned in his own ego and self pride that he refused to believe in things beyond normal human perception which made him disregard the monk. The monk made him realise that his pride is acting as a veil to his soul which is making  him unable to look deep within himself and realise the unknown and intangible mystery of life which cannot be seen through naked eyes but can be seen through a naked soul without the scum of pride.

It took a lot of time for a renowned Doctor like him to master the mystical powers. He had to go through a lot of self realisation and in depth search of his soul.There is especially one scene from the movie that had a deep impact on me. The scene shows Doctor Strange complaining about his damaged hand and how his loss of control on his hand is a hindrance in his path to attain the skill of making magic circle, the monk then took him to a person who was performing the same skill of making a magic circle in the air with precision;only to his surprise Dr. Strange noticed that this man didn’t have hands at all. This wasn’t only a self-realisation for Dr.Strange but also for me.We both understood that our minds are so powerful that we can convince it to do anything we want even if it seems impossible physically. Our minds simply trick us by making up excuses for something we find a bit hard to do. The movie pointed out that anyone can become superheroes in their life just by searching deep within the soul and by controlling our minds (not necessarily we have to perform magic). Dr Strange was a normal human being but he became something impossible just by looking deep within himself keeping aside his pride and controlling his mind. The movie simply tells us we all have a superhero within us just waiting to be discovered. Once we start looking beyond all that which is physical and try to understand the intangible mysteries beyond us we can discover ourselves and can see ourselves much more than just physical beings living on earth.

The movie and Dr. Strange took me to a rollercoaster ride of self discovery and also looking beyond our five senses. The blend of spirituality with action is something which has made the movie so unique and the character Dr.Strange so relatable. This is the reason why I love Dr. Strange and how his journey towards a superhero has inspired me as a person.

I would like to end with the quote that describes the concept of Dr. Strange the best 

“ The magic lies within you , if you are patient enough to look deep within, you will find it and discover the superhero that you are”.

Let’s talk economy today.

I am writing this blog after a long time gap. It took me some time to decide what to write and finally after conquering a lot of conflicts in my mind I decided to write on a bit different topic than I usually write and this time I wanted to focus on the economical and political aspects of our country India.

Recently the India China conflict has reached a disturbing level which led the Indian citizens to come down to the streets to protest against the use of Chinese products. We can’t deny the fact that India’s economy is much more dependent on China than vice versa.  It’s a very tough stand to boycott Chinese products as it is also something which is far from actual reality. This is because India as a struggling economy relies heavily on importing cheap Chinese materials. But as we all believe that “Nothing is impossible”,with collective effort and time India can definitely rebound. I would rather like to emphasize on the word “wallet power” which has been given a definite meaning by renowned ladakh based engineer Sonam Wangchuk . According to him, if we Indian citizens become concerned customers and avoid buying Chinese products even if they are available in the market in abundance then we ourselves can impose a potential impact on Chinese economy through our purchasing power. The government will be forced to stop the sale of Chinese products and we citizens on the other hand can also promote the local businesses  which will highly increase the circulation of money within India and help in boosting the Indian economy in the long run.

Considering the huge population of INDIA (over 1.3 billion people approximately); if 20-30% of Indians who are economically stable and who can easily shift their consumer preference from cheap Chinese products to a bit expensive local products ( unlike poor people who are forced to make cheap consumer preferences) pledge to shift their consumer choices  towards local products then they can contribute a significant boost to Indian economy. Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi also urged Indian citizens to be more self-reliant and be a responsible consumer taking Indian economy under consideration. 

So we Indians really have the “wallet power” to fuel our own economy and stop too much dependency on other countries. We Indians need to be aware of our economy and stay united under situations of crisis.

I would like to end this with a rather famous quote,”United we rise and divided we fall”. I hope I am able to make the context of this quote clear. 

If being vocal for local is what we need at most right now , I can share you a link through which you can show your support to local businesses.


Sometimes dwelling in the tunes of silence 

Composes myself again,

Walking through the narrow forest path 

Away from the mess of noises and voices,

Freeing myself  from the tentacles of mingled thoughts,

Savouring the depths of nature,

Drenching myself in the moonlight,

Connecting the stars with my fingers,

Is all that I need to return to the speed of life again.

Mr. Bean – The bean to boost your Confidence and Happiness

Recently I have been re watching the Mr. Bean series which definitely hasn’t failed to impress me for 161800th time. I have been laughing till my stomach was hurting so bad that I had to take a rest for a while before continuing to watch it. But while watching it in my 20’s I realized a lot of things which I didn’t realize before. It’s not only just a comedy series that has successfully made us laugh for all these years but has so many subtle messages for us to ponder upon.

Looking how happily he can stay all by himself with his one and only non living friend teddy and be satisfied with his life all along has literally held a mirror in front of us to reflect ourselves who can’t even keep ourselves happy with all what we have in life. Embracing what we have and working upon it rather than what we don’t can help us prevent hurting ourselves on a daily basis and come out of the cycle of sadness and help us improve in life more. Coming to think of it, if we are observant enough to pick up these subtle positive  messages from our favorite series , movies or characters we can find ourselves through them.

Another of the most important subtle messages that Mr. Bean has portrayed in his funny series which impressed me to the core of my heart is his confidence in whatever he does. Whether it is to dress like a woman in Hotel to cover his naked body or being this confident guy conducting an orchestra in the Christmas evening streets without even having proper knowledge about it. Also how can I forget the episode where he participates in a pet competition with his one and only companion teddy ( definitely non living) and ultimately winning it with grace! Despite the judgments of other people he remained unapologetically himself with so much confidence and remained happy. In today’s world where we fear being ourselves out there just because of the phrase we run in our minds “ what will others say?”, Mr. Bean has taught us how to be unapologetically ourselves in this judgemental world and shun all the judgements around and remain happy. Looking at Mr. Bean we can really get inspired and boost our confidence. So let’s try to dive deep into our favorite characters and find these subtle messages they have to give for us even though at the beginning we really can’t realize  these deep sides to their characters.

I would like to conclude this  by using a rather cheesy line  just for fun

“ In this world full of what others will say,will you be my Mr. Bean?”( ha ha ha ha….) 

We can find inspiration everywhere if we care enough to observe. ( The lizard tale)

Have you ever observed a lizard? I know it may seem weird but I am a keen observer of nature. So I tend to notice and enjoy even the smallest of things.I have observed how lizards get more excited when they see a flying prey to savor. And catching a flying prey who obviously abides by the law of uncertainty is not that easy. But I have seen,even with the presence of easy and almost static prey at par,they always target the flying and uncertain ones. Maybe they are more delicious? ( ha ha ha….) . But that is not the point I want to convey here. No matter how much they have to run behind their prey and work hard to get it,they still choose the flying prey over the static ones.This makes me question myself. Sometimes I am so afraid or maybe I am grasped by fear to do the hard things in life that I often target static or unfruitful things that don’t really satisfy me. Seeing the lizards working this hard to chase the uncertain and finally when they catch it , they savor it with more satisfaction than ever; makes me wonder maybe we humans need to work on ourselves more and chase what we really dream and believe of , even if it’s uncertain, and just like the lizard if we just not give up unless we get it, we also will be able to savor our dream with a different level of satisfaction in our minds. 

At last I would like to quote a famous HARRY POTTER line being a potter head myself which is appropriate for this description. “ IT IS THE UNKNOWN WE FEAR “. In this case it is the uncertainty which is unknown to us we fear and we don’t act like the lizard. Now lizard can also be my inspiration.

P.s-  I know I am weird , tolerate me please.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I am a girl with dreamy head always imagining stuff and living in a world of my own. I am a nature lover and I want to loose myself in the mysteries of nature and unveil the unknown. I just wanted to start a blog to share my ideas and thoughts and present a piece of my mind out there. I just want to write my heart and brain and soul out without judging myself and without any fear of being judged which has held me back a lot of times but not this time. This time I have conquered myself and finally brought the courage to open a blog of my own. I just want to see a happy world out there and also be a part of it. This is the beginning of a new journey of myself.